What Scrum Is Terrible For


Philip Tan, GAMBIT.

Session Notes

Darius Kazemi's Notes

There were four of us at this session. We talked mostly about what it's like to use Scrum on a project with an art pipeline, and we generally agreed that managing artists is the hardest part of running a Scrum team. (Which makes sense since Scrum was designed for software engineering.) In particular, artists don't like having their entire art direction changed on them. They also tend to be more attached to their work: if they build up a whole environment and then it's thrown out, that's way more demoralizing than if a coder writes a game system that is thrown out. (Personally I'm not sure if this is quite true, but it's what was said.)

One of the metaphors that Dan Salsberg (an artist at Rockstar NE) brought up was that coders are laying a brick path: if you have to get rid a brick, no problem, you can lay a new brick down in its place. Artists are building a brick wall: if you remove a brick, the wall might not fall down, but it's almost impossible to replace it cleanly.

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