Viral Social Distribution Designing It In


Jon Radoff, GamerDNA.

Session Notes

Jon Radoff's Notes

(from his blog)

"A roundtable I put together, this session talked about the viral mechanisms built-in to games ranging from Magic the Gathering, to Facebook games, to MMORPGs like World of Warcraft."

Jason McIntosh's Notes

You dont design viral marketing so much as you design viral products. Magic: The Gathering.

I immediately think of XBox achievements that give you points for playing the game with friends (and thus exposing your friends to the game). But that also feels like a hack.

Maybe this can be said about multiplayer games in general?

You can actively market to existing game groups. If you are marketing an MMO, and you can hook an influential guild leader from an existing MMO, you can drag the whole guild across to your game.

The photo booth on the Wii Strong Bad game. Its only purpose is to take funny pictures of Strong Bad, which you can then mail to your Wii friends. Clearly the intent is that you'll mail them to friends who don't have the game yet.

DS style: Squirt a demo at your friends. Or, Valve's free weekends. People get their friends to come try the game with them.

WoW: The armory. Put out tons of raw data out there as XML, and let people make whatever cool shit they want.


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