Session Ideas

This is the page where we're posting up session ideas. Sessions can be lectures, or roundtables, or workshops, or whatever. Topics can include anything at all related to game development. If you want to do slides, we'll have projectors available but you should bring your own laptop. There are also tons of whiteboards and easels available at NERD.

Post Your Session

If you have an idea for a session you'd like to run, just register an account on the wiki and put it here! (Or email us and we'll put it up for you.) You don't have to post a session here to run one, this is really just to let people know you're planning on it.

I can talk about one or more of these in one talk or separate talks, Gerry Seidman, Actor Machine

  • Directable Animated Actors
  • Procedural Character Animation
  • Procedural Modeling

I can do something on technology and approaches for rapid game concept prototyping.
ETA: I may have to pull out of this based on time, approval, etc. :-(
— Shane Liesegang

Illusionary Gameplay
The game that they play is not always the same as the one you thought you were making. This can be a problem — or an opportunity!
A 15-30-minute talk by Alexx Kay of 2K Boston, followed by roundtable discussion.

What the Hell is the IGDA Good For?
Darius will answer your questions about the IGDA, and take suggestions for how it could be better!

Several people wanted to talk about Unity 3D. Particularly with an iPhone focus.

Value in games: What are people really paying for? -Tom Hunter
Games for Health: How we can use games to help people manage chronic disease or just live healthier. -Tom Hunter

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