Interactive Actors That Express Emotion


Gerry Seidman of Actor Machine.

Session Audio

Devin Griffiths provided an audio recording of this session.

Session Notes

Matt Weise's Notes

  • mold virtual character performance through high level concepts (look sad) not low level ones (lower shoulders, frown)
  • goal is to create virtual actors that can "take direction"
  • no mocap, no hand animation, all procedural
  • this technique is time, labor, resource cheap compared to what major console games do with similar animation content
  • also handles basic physical relationships to terrain and objects, characters can do all this emotion stuff while walking on uneven or changing terrain, etc.
  • parts: movement coach (space), gesture coach (body), acting coach (emotion) — each is 10K — combined they form the characters personality which can then be directed

Dean O'Donnell's Notes

(from his blog)

"Was an actual talk prepared by Gerry Seidman from Actor Machine. He's working with Ken Perlin on a bunch of Maya plugins that will allow a model to be given a character, or a basic description which will allow the model to animate in line with the character. Basically you don't have to keyframe everything, behaviors are part of the model itself. Gerry showed a lot of demos from Ken Perlin's actors page. This would seem to enable very quick, procedurally generate crowds, as well as low-overhead projections for live performances. I'm going to ceep in contact with Gerry on this, as some of my projection work could benefit from this, as long as it would all work with importing models into Unreal."

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