• Sessions end before we can really delve in
  • Second day where we only allow more in depth versions of talks
  • Only allow first few slots to fill up, then after lunch fill the rest
  • Scott and Darius can make it clear that moderators are allowed to reign in conversations ("if you want to be off-topic, propose a new session")
  • Make it clear that sessions should be very specific
  • Force people to add their names to session idea board so we can track them down and make things more specific
  • If there are tons of check marks maybe the topic is too broad and should be split up
  • 45 minutes is not quite enough time to get somewhere interesting
    • perhaps just better moderation is the solution
  • have a moderator "own" the board to make sure similar stuff isn't conflicting
  • Kids in the Hall: pretty brilliant
    • have Bruce Mcullough moderate the board
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