2008 Attendance

This is a list of attendees. To get on this list, email us. The little (PAID) thing means that an attendee has already donated!

  1. Scott Macmillan, Macguffin Games, GameLoop organizer.
  2. Darius Kazemi, Orbus Gameworks, GameLoop organizer.
  3. Dan Salsberg, Rockstar New England.
  4. Jeff Ward, Orbus Gameworks.
  5. Andrew Menard, Turbine. (PAID)
  6. Dan Teasdale, Harmonix.
  7. Chris Foster, Harmonix. (PAID)
  8. Matthew Myers, 2EastMusic. (PAID)
  9. Jon Radoff, GamerDNA Inc. (PAID)
  10. David Battilana, Harmoinx. (PAID)
  11. Jen Lak, ImagineEngine. (PAID)
  12. Ben Wilson, Rockstar New England.
  13. Chris Bowen, Microsoft. (PAID)
  14. Casey Malone, Harmonix.
  15. Darren Torpey, GamerDNA. (PAID)
  16. Alexx Kay, 2K Boston. (PAID)
  17. Alicia Verlager, independent consultant.(PAID)
  18. Kent Quirk, Linden Labs. (PAID)
  19. Christian Baekkelund, 38 Studios. (PAID)
  20. Trey Reyher, Demiurge. (PAID)
  21. Eleanor Robinson, 7-128 Software. (PAID)
  22. Andy Hendrickson, Demiurge. (PAID)
  23. Geoffrey Long, GAMBIT. (PAID)
  24. Eitan Glinert, Fire Hose Games. (PAID)
  25. Clara Fernández-Vara, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab. (PAID)
  26. Dan Roy, Education Arcade. (PAID)
  27. Jason McIntosh, independent consultant. (PAID)
  28. Andrew Plotkin, independent consultant. (PAID)
  29. Philip Tan, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab. (PAID)
  30. Jennifer Clay. (PAID)
  31. Johannes Krämer, Cellufun.
  32. Shane Culp, MTV Networks. (PAID)
  33. Allen Seitz, ImaginEngine. (PAID)
  34. Evan Nikolich, Demiurge.
  35. Matthew Weise, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab. (PAID)
  36. Dean O'Donnell. (PAID)
  37. Gerry Seidman, Actor Machine. (PAID)
  38. Zach Davis, Actor Machine. (PAID)
  39. Tynan Sylvester, 2K Boston. (PAID)
  40. Darkin Brown, freelance artist/animator.
  41. Justin Rounds (PAID).
  42. Devin Griffiths (PAID).
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